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Texting-and-driving laws and driver conduct

In most states, texting and driving is illegal for any driver.

Missouri, however, is one of the exceptions. It is one of four states that currently do not have a law prohibiting texting and driving for all types of drivers. 

Does what texting-and-driving laws a state has have impacts on how common texting while driving is in the state? A recent study indicates the answer might be yes.

The study estimated the texting-while-driving levels of the different states. It then compared the estimates for the states that have full texting-while-driving bans with the estimates for those that don't. According to the study, texting while driving rates were around 17 percent higher in the states that lacked such a ban.

If a full texting-while-driving ban was eventually put in place here in Missouri, do you think there would be a big change in the occurrence rates of texting and driving in the state? How big of an impact do you think what distracted driving laws a state has has on driver actions?

An important thing to note is that just because a given type of driving conduct isn't directly against the law doesn't mean it’s safe. Whether or not texting while driving is banned for all drivers in a state, this conduct has the potential to lead to accidents. It is very important for drivers to think carefully about potential safety implications when deciding how to act out on the roads.

When a Missouri motorist is hurt in an accident that happened because of a decision another driver made, such as a decision to text-and-drive, they may want to seek out an assessment of their legal options from a skilled car accident attorney.

Source: KFVS, "Study: MO sees more texting and driving than states with bans," Nicole Cartmell, April 13, 2016

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