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Will traffic deaths go up again in Missouri in 2016?

Over the past few years, there has been a trend of increased traffic fatalities here in Missouri. Motor vehicle death increases are always alarming and troubling, and one would hope this trend would soon reverse. 

Unfortunately, recent statistics raise the possibility that 2016 may not see such a reversal.

According to statistics cited in an April 20 article on abc17news' website, so far, 2016 has seen a continuation of the recent trend of rises in car accident deaths in Missouri. Specifically, the statistics indicated that the state traffic fatality total for 2016 was around 11 percent higher than the 2015 total was at the same point in the year. 

Do you think traffic fatalities will continue to happen at a faster pace in the state this year than they did last year?

Many different factors can play a part in how high of a motor vehicle fatality total a state has. So, the issue of how to best lower traffic fatalities in a state can have complexities. One wonders what kinds of traffic safety steps and accident prevention measures will be taken here in Missouri in upcoming months and years, and what effects they will ultimately have on traffic death levels in the state.

As many different things can be at play in what sorts of traffic fatality/accident trends a state is experiencing, so too can many different things be at play in an individual fatal traffic accident. Given this, getting a full and accurate picture of what happened in a crash can sometimes require a very careful sifting through of a plethora of details and evidence. Having such a picture can be important for families of fatal accident victims in many respects, including in respect to legal matters. Looking into a fatal auto accident's cause is among the things skilled motor vehicle accident attorneys can assist families with. 

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