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Drivers subject to special restrictions and auto accidents

Some drivers in the state are subject to additional driving-related restrictions beyond the ones placed on the average Missouri driver.

One group that can be in this category are individuals who drive state vehicles as part of their job. For example, at the start of this month, the Missouri Department of Transportation put a policy in force that put a new restriction on its employees that drive state vehicles. Under this new policy, when behind the wheel of a state vehicle, such employees are prohibited from using their cell phone.

Another group that typically is subject to special driving-related rules are young drivers. Here in Missouri, while texting while driving is not a directly prohibited activity for all drivers, it is banned for drivers under 21.

Special driving-related restrictions are also generally present when it comes to commercial vehicle drivers, such as drivers of large commercial trucks. This is because large commercial vehicles and their operation are subject to a range of state and federal regulations.

When a driver involved in an accident was a driver subject to special driving rules, it can create some unique issues in personal injury cases that come up in connection to the crash. So, among the things it can be vital for traffic accident victims who are pursuing personal injury claims to have a clear picture of are: whether any of the drivers involved in the accident were subject to special driving restrictions, whether any such special restrictions were violated in the accident and, if violations of such restrictions did occur, what implications this is likely to have for a personal injury case. Skilled traffic accident attorneys can help those hurt in crashes with looking at and reviewing these crash-related issues and other important ones.

Source: KTTS, “MODot Bans Cell Phones In State Vehicles,” John Thomas, June 13, 2016

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