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Could video games make for better drivers?

Sometimes, what hobbies a person has can have impacts on aspects of their everyday life beyond just their free time. One hobby that is a pretty common one in today’s world is playing video games. Might whether a person plays video games and, if they do, what types of video games they play impact how good of a driver they are in the real world? A study points to the possibility that it does.

Specifically, the study indicated that playing a certain class of video game, action video games, might help improve a person’s driving abilities. Some examples of action-based video games include first-person shooters and driving games.

The study involved multiple experiments. The participants in the experiments were University of Hong Kong faculty members and students.

In one of the experiments, researchers had individuals who played action-based video games five or more hours a week and individuals who lacked meaningful experience with such games do a driving simulation. As a whole, the individuals in the former group had a superior performance regarding vehicle control as compared to individuals in the latter group.

Another of the experiments involved researchers having individuals play a class of game they were not experienced with over 10 sessions that were an hour a piece and tracking the state of their visual motor skills. The study found when the games played were action-based games, the individuals showed substantial increases in visual motor skills after the 10 sessions. This was not found to be the case though when the games played were non-action games.

Among the many everyday activities where a person’s visual motor skills come into play is driving.

These experiments raise some interesting questions as to whether video games could have value as a driver training tool. Do you think video games could someday play a meaningful role in driver training here in America?

Now, there is a situation in which video games can make a person a considerably worse driver. This is if they decide to try to play video games while they are driving. Mobile devices and smartphones allow individuals to play video games pretty much anywhere. It is very important for gamers to not use this capability of such devices to game while driving, as such behavior could lead to a major distracted driving crash which could potentially hurt or kill others.

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