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Dangerous furniture a real risk to children

When thinking about a child's room, many will think of toys, games and general clutter. Wanting things to have a place, many parents also buy children's furniture, including dressers and bookshelves. What many do not realize, though, is that unsecured furniture poses a real risk to children.

The Washington Post published an article this summer looking at the dangers of furniture, paying special attention to some of the dressers made by Ikea. This article came after toppling furniture led to the injuries and fatalities of numerous small children. And while the article looked at three specific deaths caused by Ikea furniture between 2014 and 2016, this is not the only manufacturer accused of making dangerous furniture. In fact, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, tipped over furniture injures children every 24 minutes and -- on average -- causes a fatal accident every 2 weeks.

In talking about Ikea -- in July 2015 a branch of the company launched a campaign with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to offer free wall anchors. However, the problem is that not everyone heard of the dangers and the accidents continued after the campaign launch. Eventually, Ikea did issue a recall.

Holding the manufacturer accountable

The issue, though, is not the recall or the earlier campaign aimed at getting dressers properly anchored. The issue becomes whose responsibility it is to make sure the furniture is safe. Many parents simply do not know about the dangers and trust that something like a dresser is sturdy enough to hold clothes without tipping over.

The truth is that parents have enough on their plates already. The burden of making sure furniture is safe should be on the manufacturers of the furniture, not on the parents or general consumers.

At Schmitt Mulhern, LLC, we represent the families of those hurt due to dangerous or defective products. We will go up against the manufacturers to hold them accountable. Know that a previous recall of a product is also not a requirement for building a case.

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