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Falls: A serious risk for those 65 and older

Fall injuries are very serious, especially for older people. Unfortunately, this is also the same population frequently treated for fall injuries. While some of these falls are simply accidents that could not be avoided, there are plenty that happen due to uneven sidewalks, missing handrails and broken or uneven steps.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides a wealth of information pertaining to fall injuries among those age 65 and older. Here are some of the facts:

Falls are the main culprit behind more than 95 percent of hip fractures

Falling down and fracturing a hip is often one of the biggest fears for people as they age. Not only are these injuries extremely painful and require extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation, but the injuries can end up really negatively impacting a person's mobility and way of life -- for the rest of their life.

The sad truth is that each year at least 250,000 people 65 and older end up in the hospital due to hip fractures. More than 95 percent of all of these hip fractures are also due to falls.

Falls are the No. 1 cause of traumatic brain injuries

The risk does not end with hip injuries, though, as falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries. Like a hip injury, brain injuries can quickly turn into a life-long battle. Suddenly, someone who once was living on their own and thriving, now needs assistance -- and sometimes -- even around-the-clock care.

Someone who falls once is more likely to fall again

It seems particularly unfair, but the truth is that someone who falls once is more likely to fall again. This is due to a number of factors, including having a fear of falling, which in turn stops people from living their life as they once did. Now, no longer being as active, the body weakens, which only increases the risk for falling yet again.

Due to the inherent risks that come with a fall, it is imperative that those who fall due to negligence -- such as uneven sidewalks, missing handrails or broken stairs -- reach out to a personal injury attorney right away. This attorney can help to quantify the true financial, physical and emotional damages from a fall injury, while holding negligent property owners responsible for not fixing the problem sooner.

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