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Missouri having safe driving contest for high schools

There are multiple parties that have the potential to be a big influence on teen driver behavior. Two major such examples are a teen's friends and a teen's family members. In your opinion, what are some of the most important things that friends and family can do when it comes to encouraging teens to be safe when driving?

Schools can also have an influence on teen drivers. School is typically a big part of a teen's life. So, the types of safe driving messages and lessons a teen is getting from their school could not only impact their driving conduct around school (such as their conduct in school parking lots), but their driving conduct generally.

Safe driving by teens is of critical importance. It not only plays a big role in their own overall safety, but on safety out on the roads generally, as lots of cars have teen drivers at the helm (particularly around school start and end times during the school year).

A recent contest here in Missouri is aimed at encouraging high schools in the state to help get their students to be safe drivers. The competition is called the "It Only Takes One" contest. Among the things the contest will involve are safe driving educational campaigns, seat belt checks and the creation of public service announcements. Prizes (such as support for continued driving safety efforts) and awards will be given to the schools that are found to have done the best at the contest's activities.

High schools can be signed up for participation in the contest up until the end of September. The contest period goes from October of this year to this upcoming school year's end.

It will be interesting to see how widespread participation in this contest is and what kinds of safe driving efforts and messages schools that participate in the contest come up with. Do you think the contest will ultimately improve teen driver safety in the state?

Source: KTTN/KGOZ, "Missouri high schools challenged to drive safe and buckle up!," Aug. 14, 2016

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