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How to prevent motorcycle crashes and injuries

A person riding a motorcycle is far more prone to death or injury during a traffic accident than someone driving an automobile. A driver or passenger in a car is protected by the bulk of the vehicle as well as by safety features such as the seat belt and the airbag. The motorcycle rider, on the other hand, has to rely on proper clothing, a well-designed helmet, eye protection and his or her skill. The motorcycle does, however, has a certain amount of agility and maneuverability that can be useful in avoiding a crash.

When a motorcycle crashes, 80 percent of these accidents result in injury to or death of the rider. Many of these injuries can be severe. Head trauma, especially when the rider is not wearing a helmet, can be especially disastrous. Lower extremity injuries are common as a result of a motorcycle crash, with fractured bones being more prevalent than soft-tissue damage.

If you ride a motorcycle, you can take a number of steps to prevent a being in an accident.

Training. Riding a motorcycle requires a particular set of skills beyond those needed to drive a car. You need to exercise extreme situational awareness at all times, especially at intersections. Remember, in any encounter you might have with even the tiniest economy car, you and your motorcycle will lose.

Clothing. Wear proper clothing while riding a motorcycle. A leather jacket, gloves, sturdy long pants and solid footwear are essential to help mitigate damage if you are thrown from your bike. A properly designed helmet and eye protection are also important to help prevent head trauma, even in states or localities that do not require they be worn.

Ride sober. Do not drink and ride, and do not operate a mobile phone--even a hands-free version--while riding.

Even if you take all prudent precautions, you could still be involved in a motorcycle crash through the negligence of another driver. You might have a loved one or family member who was in a motorcycle accident who is incapable of tending to his or her interests because either the injuries are too severe. Regardless of the details of the crash, you need to have skilled legal representation to make sure your rights are addressed, and you have access to the resources needed to make the fullest possible recovery.

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