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Speeding: Despite its harms, many do it

Speeding can have major repercussions out on the roads. It is important for those hurt by speeding drivers to be treated fairly when it comes to compensation. Skilled car accident attorneys can help such crash victims here in Missouri with fighting for such fair treatment.

One would hope that drivers would be obeying speed limit laws and would see speeding as the dangerous conduct it is. Unfortunately, recent research indicates that both of these things might be rarer than one would hope here in America.

The research, done by an insurer, investigated driver views and conduct regarding dangerous driving behaviors like distracted driving and speeding. It involved looking at data from a driver tracking app and surveying drivers.

The data from the app points to speeding being very common indeed. This data indicated that, over half of the time the tracked drivers were at the wheel, they were at least 10 mph over the limit.

Meanwhile, the survey results suggest that many people’s definition of “speeding” is far more limited than just being over the limit. Of the surveyed drivers, 42 percent indicated that they did not feel it was speeding to go 10 mph above the limit and 10 percent indicated they did not feel it was speeding to go 20 mph over the limit. A reason that this is worrisome is that, in reality, even going 10 mph above the limit significantly ups accident risks.

Why do you think driver conduct and views regarding speeding aren’t more in line with how dangerous this conduct is? What would you recommend for trying to change this?

Source: Fortune, “Distracted Driving Is Now an Epidemic in the U.S.,” Barb Darrow, Sept. 14, 2016

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