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Deaths from teen-involved crashes back on the increase

Sadly, teens sometimes get into accidents when at the wheel. These crashes can have tragic ramifications. In some cases, they result in the death of the teen or another individual.

Now, between 2005 and 2014, the U.S. was experiencing an encouraging trend when it comes to fatalities from teen-driver-involved traffic accidents. During this period, such deaths dropped steadily, going from an annual total of 8,241 all the way down to an annual total of 4,272. These numbers come from federal data cited in a recent Governors Highway Safety Association report.

Unfortunately, there was a major disruption in this trend last year. That year saw 4,689 deaths from teen-involved auto crashes, according to the above-mentioned report. So, not only did such fatalities not go down, they rose significantly (by almost 10 percent).

Why do you think such deaths spiked last year? Do you think this reversal in trends will just be a short-term thing, or that increases in such fatalities will continue for awhile?

Given the high human costs teen-driver-involved crashes can have, it is incredibly important to promote safe driving practices among teens and for all drivers to act responsibly in areas where there are particularly likely to be high amounts of teen drivers, such as areas near high schools.

Deaths out on the roads have enormous consequences, including for the families of the deceased. These consequences can touch on many areas, including the financial. This is why compensation-related issues can be such impactful ones for a family after a loved one has been killed in a traffic crash.

Source: USA Today, “Fatalities in teen crashes spike after steady decline, studies find,” Bart Jansen, Oct. 12, 2016

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