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FMCSA makes safety recommendations to truckers on the Galaxy Note7

All kinds of things can impact the likelihood of a truck getting into an accident. One are what sorts of objects are aboard the truck. This not only includes what kind of cargo a truck is carrying, but what objects a trucker brings with them into the truck. When such objects contain defects which could cause fires or other harmful incidents, there could be a risk that the object could open the door to a crash through disrupting the truck or its driver.

When a dangerous object aboard a truck contributed to a truck crash, it might impact what parties individuals harmed in the accident could bring legal action against. So, what was aboard the truck is one of the issues that has the potential to be an important one in personal injury cases involving truck crashes.

Recently, one particular type of object that has had some safety concerns connected to it has caught the attention of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the federal agency that regulates trucking. This object is Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 smartphone.

This type of phone has been in the news a lot lately in connection to battery overheating risks and incidents that have been reported in relation to it. It has been the subject of recalls.

Recently, the FMCSA issued some safety recommendations for truckers when it comes to bringing this type of phone with them when driving a truck. Among the things the agency suggested if a trucker decides to have such a phone with them in their truck are: turning the phone off, taking precautions to ensure the phone doesn’t accidentally turn on when it is in the truck and not charging the phone when it is in the truck.

What do you think of the recommendations the FMCSA has made?

One wonders what impacts these recommendations will have on truck driver behavior and if the FMCSA will release any further trucker-related guidance on the Galaxy Note7 in the future.

Source: Overdrive, “FMCSA asks truckers to discontinue use of Samsung Note7 phones, keep them unplugged,” Matt Cole, Oct. 21, 2016

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