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NHTSA report finds car crash fatalities reach record high, impact in MO

A recent report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) National Center for Statistics and Analysis finds that the rate of fatalities from auto accidents increased significantly in 2015. The number of fatalities was up from 32,744 in 2014 to 35,092 in 2015. This translates to a 7.2 percent increase - the largest jump in almost fifty years.

The report has a number of interesting findings. Some of which include:

  • Inside versus outside. Authors with the report broke down the types of accidents into various categories. One of the categories was called "inside versus outside the vehicle." This category took into account accidents involving fatal injuries to people inside the vehicle, like the driver or passengers, compared to those outside a vehicle, like pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcycle riders. The category involving those who suffered injuries outside the vehicle rose significantly, making up almost one-third of all people killed in these accidents.
  • Crash types. The authors also broke down the accidents for further analysis based on crash type. This category included multivehicle rollovers, multivehicle crashes and single-vehicle crashes. In this group, multi-vehicle rollovers increased the most. These accidents were up by 12.4 percent.
  • Human choices. This portion of the study is one that receives a great deal of media publicity. The choices drivers make while operating their vehicle can have an enormous impact on safety. Data from this study shows that accidents due to distraction, failure to wear a seatbelt or operating while impaired by alcohol all increased during this time period.

Data was also broken down to represent each state.

Findings for Missouri

According to the NHTSA, Missouri had 766 total fatalities in 2014. This number went up to 869 in 2015, translating to a 13.4 percent increase - well over the national average.

Those who are injured in these accidents may be eligible to receive compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. This lawsuit is particularly helpful for those who were the victims of another's negligent or careless acts. These claims can result in monetary awards to help cover the costs associated with the accident. 

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