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Recent truck recalls and truck accident risk

Daimler Trucks North America recently recalled three of their Freightliner trucks because of concern over electrical fires and the possibility of loose bolts. This truck recall brought owner and public safety to the forefront.

Daimler was one of several other truck recalls just in the past few weeks. The most notable recall to recent date was one initiated by General Motors. After a driver was killed in one of their trucks, they recalled 3.6 million of the trucks. The Chevrolet Silverado was one of several trucks they recalled. This was because airbags were not deploying due to a software issue.

While truck recalls are quite rare, they take place every year. The most concerning time is the lapse between when the owner or operator of a truck uses the vehicle and the recall takes place. During this time, a serious accident could result. Depending on the size of the truck you are operating, the level of risk could be quite high. 

How truck recalls happen

Recalls for trucks typically take place one of two ways:

1. The manufacturer notices a problem and initiates a recall. In an ideal world, this is how all recalls would take place. But sometimes companies either knowingly or unknowingly do not initiate the recall themselves. A manufacturer may fear not being able to financially handle a recall if it would need to take place on a large scale.

2. The Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigates the safety of trucks if a concern arises. In the US, there are minimum standards for any vehicle or truck sold. This standard is known as the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard.

What triggers a recall?

Just because a piece of equipment within a truck is of poor quality doesn't guarantee a recall. It has to be determined that the deficiency in the truck poses a real risk to personal and public safety. It also must be determined that the same defects present in your vehicle could be present in others. Here are a few examples of possible reasons for a recall:

  • Faulty windshield wiper assemblies
  • Wheels that could crack or break apart
  • Seat belts that fail during everyday use
  • Air bags that go off at the wrong time
  • Steering column issues
  • Accelerators that break or stick

The risks

Although truck recalls are fairly rare, operating a large vehicle with potentially serious problems is obviously a major concern. If these issues are not dealt with quickly, there could be serious consequences. In the worst case, loss of life is possible. Especially for older trucks, regular and meticulous maintenance is imperative.

If the accident already happened

Perhaps you are reading this article because you or someone you care about was recently involved in a truck accident. It is essential that you get a personal injury lawyer to help you through this process and fight for the full compensation you deserve to help you recover. 

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