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Weird things happen when you are driving

The deer, in shock began kicking at the car door and succeeded in opening the door wider and, standing on its hind legs, began fighting with Sager, striking her several times with its hooves.

For several moments, the two battled, with Sager kicking the deer and the deer kicking Sager.

The deer finally relented. Its injuries were serious, and the animal died by the car door.

This bizarre incident was all captured by the police camera, and can be viewed here at the Accident Data Center website.

The moral of this story

We have all had strange things happen in our cars, trucks or motorcycles. Many times these end in serious injuries, which is where Schmitt Mulhern comes into the picture.

Much is being made these days of the driverless cars being developed and tested. In time, we expect that this development will save thousands of lives.

But do not expect strange things to stop happening entirely. We live in a world that seems very random at times.

We are here to help you bounce back from these random events that interrupt your life.

So be alert. Don't be afraid, but be aware that there is always the possibility that the car coming toward you is being driven by someone who has fallen asleep. A sudden pothole can change your life in an instant. A deer can get into a kicking contest with you.

It's a dangerous world.

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