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To Grandmother's house we go -- safely!

With the Thanksgiving holiday drawing near, and long-distance trips to visit with family, we want to encourage drivers to be safe, and come back alive.

These tips will seem familiar, but please take them into account.

Plan the trip. Pack for emergencies - at least bring blankets and water.

Get some rest the night before. Drowsy driving is deadly driving.

Factor bad weather into the plan. Be thinking: "If the snow is bad on I-70, be ready to pull over."

Drive defensively. The first snow of the season takes many drivers by surprise.

Take it easy. Speeding endangers everyone. Grandma will understand.

Focus. It's great to play "Find the out-of-state license plates" with the kids. But let them do the finding. You watch the road.

Think about stop time on an icy road. Keep your distance from the next car.

Beware of ice. The main road may be passable, but ice builds up quickly on bridges, on-ramps and overpasses.

Make frequent stops. If necessary, switch drivers or take a quick nap at the rest stop.

Don't drive on a low tank - fuel lines freeze up, and then where are you.

If you have car trouble, pull off - way off.

GPS - if you've got it.

If snow is heavy, and you pull over, stay put. Tie a scarf to the antennae. Help is on the way.

If you pull over, crack one window very slightly, so you get fresh air.

Buckle up - does that even need to be said?

You are going to be fine. Thanksgiving with the family will be wonderful. And isn;t is a great way to express your thanks and love?

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