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When is it time to hire a personal injury lawyer?

This question is something injured parties struggle with. "I'm a smart person. Why don't I negotiate a settlement with the insurance company on my own? How hard can that be?"

whyalawyer-T.JPGIt's a fair question. There are situations where a thoughtful person can be effective representing himself or herself. If you are in a car crash and no one is seriously hurt, you can handle that claim. You can take a minor case to small claims court - no lawyer needed, or even allowed.

In other words, you can probably handle simple matters, and not pay an attorney from the proceeds. When matters get more complex, however, you may be out of your depth.

When a good lawyer can be helpful

  • When your injuries are severe.
  • When your medical bills are significant.
  • When you are unable to work miss paychecks.
  • When you don't know the value or strength of your case. Lawyers know how the other side thinks. Why would you be good at that?
  • When the accident is complicated and an investigation is necessary. Law firms have connections with investigators, reconstruction professionals and expert witnesses.
  • When the paperwork of a claim is daunting. Lawyers deal with forms and red tape every day. They know what to do with it.
  • When you are too emotional - angry, frustrated, depressed -- to take on insurance company lawyers. A god lawyer will bring objectivity and the cool perspective necessary to win a case.
  • When your case must go to trial. Usually trials are for big cases, with very serious injuries. Then an attorney is absolutely essential. A talented trial lawyer builds a step-by-step strategy to convince the jury to maximize your award.

A final note about money

You know that lawyers do not charge fees unless they win for you. This is called a contingency fee arrangement. If you win, you do have to pay the lawyer. But research shows that this is still a good decision, because lawyers, on average, triple the total amount of damages. [Source: Insurance Research Council]

And a law firm with skills, deep experience, and a focus on motor vehicle accidents, like Schmitt Mulhern, is the very best kind to turn to.

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