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Crush syndrome - a catastrophic injury

anvil-T.JPGThere is a class of injuries that are daunting even to skilled orthopedic surgeons. They are called severe compression injuries, or crush syndrome.

The most severe cases of crush syndrome occur after earthquakes. Buildings collapse and people are smashed under the weight of concrete and steel. But crushings occur in more everyday settings as well:

  • When a person is caught between two large objects, like a car backing into a parking space.
  • When a person is run over.
  • When an elevator car falls.
  • When a worker is caught by an industrial machine, like a stamping press.
  • In cave-ins at construction and excavation sites.
  • When heavy objects fall on a person - merchandise in a warehouse store, or a roof collapse.
  • Multiple crushed bones can also occur when an individual falls from a significant height.

Consequences of crush injuries

Crushing accidents often result in death. It is not unusual to have to amputate hands, legs and arms to save the individual. When the entire body suffers this trauma, surgeons must meticulously restructure skeletal and organ systems, sometimes requiring many operations.

Making it right again

Much must be made right in crushing situations. Organ, nerve and blood vessel damage must be corrected, where possible. Crushed bones must be rebuilt. Severe bruising must heal, sometimes requiring plastic surgery. Blood clotting, chronic pain and secondary infections must be addressed.

At Schmitt Mulhern LLP, we work to obtain compensation for clients who have suffered ischemic trauma, and for families who have lost a family member In such an incident.

These are obviously among the most serious injuries you can suffer. We can't make you or a loved one whole again. But we have a successful track record in seeking maximum compensation for these life-shaking events.

To discuss your situation, contact us at 816-389-4014.

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