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When the shelves come tumbling down

warehouse-T.JPGOne of the big ideas in retailing in the last 20 years has been the warehouse store. The idea is that, by combining stacked-high storage with aisle shopping, the store is more efficient and merchandise costs less.

A good business idea poses dangers to shoppers

Today there are hundreds of warehouse stores in our region: Walmart, Staples, Sam's Club, Lowe's, Costco, major grocery chain outlets, home centers and other "big box" stores.

There is only one problem with the warehouse retail idea: gravity. Warehouse stories have higher ceilings, to accommodate pallets of merchandise stacked above eye level. Most of the time these towers of merchandise are quite safe.

Occasionally, however, they come tumbling down. Because of the enormous weight of shelving and merchandise, people are killed or catastrophically injured - paralyzed, brain-damaged or crushed.

The severity of injuries, and the fact that these are well-heeled retail chains, means that dollar recoveries in such cases can be significant.

Examples of falling merchandise

People have been struck with bagged moss, refrigerators, lawnmowers, cinder blocks, steel piping, barrels, even breakfast cereal, which can do serious damage when it falls by the pallet-load.

  • Two tons of asphalt roofing shingles stacked 15 feet high collapse and bury a man, causing brain damage, broken bones, strained neck and a crushed foot.
  • A 5O-pound water heater falls from a 16-foot shelf and strikes the head of a mother expecting a child. The mother suffers from chronic migraines as a result of the collapse.
  • A 79-year-old woman in a home garden center suffers extreme injuries when a forklift causes a load of lumber to fall on her. She is crushed to death in view of her own daughter.

If you have been injured by falling merchandise, or if a family member has been injured or killed, you will want to work with a personal injury firm with a strong focus on serious injuries and substantial damages.

We invite you to call Schmitt Mulhern in Kansas City, to discuss your particular case and to draw up a strategy for maximum compensation.

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