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2 children pass away after being thrown from car in accident

In a tragic story out of Northeast Kansas City, a pair of children were killed in a car accident. Neither of them had their seat belts on or were otherwise restrained.

The authorities did not give out official ages for the children. When witnesses were asked, though, they claimed one appeared to be six years old and the other was around nine. Again, though these exact ages could be slightly off, it's apparent that they were young children.

Two adults were in the vehicle with them, and both suffered critical injuries, though they did survive. A man was behind the wheel, while a woman was riding along as a passenger. Police did not know if they were related when news stories about the wreck came out.

According to reports, the car was allegedly speeding right before the crash. The driver, who also didn't have a seat belt on, is accused of tearing through a residential area, running through a stop sign, and then losing all control of the car. It slammed into a wooden pole, smashing through it, and rammed on through a chain fence before finally coming to stop in a nearby yard.

It is important to note that many of these reports came from witnesses, so it's going to be worth watching the official police investigation to unravel the details.

Parents sometimes let friends or babysitters driver their children around. When an adult is negligent -- perhaps both in the way he or she drives and in neglecting to put restraints on the children -- and the kids are hurt or killed in a crash, those parents may want to know what rights they have to seek compensation.

Source: Kansas City Star, "Two children ejected, killed in rollover crash in Northeast Kansas City," Tony Rizzo, March 17, 2017

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