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Boredom is a big risk on the highway

Many people think aggressive drivers who are very engaged with the experience are the ones who pose the greatest risk. They tend to speed, pass when there's just barely enough room and do other things of this nature.

Of course, aggressive drivers can cause accidents and they do every day. However, one study found that one of the biggest risk factors was just the opposite: boredom. Drivers who were bored behind the wheel caused 1.5 more crashes than others.

Why did this happen? Essentially, these drivers hated being bored and took steps to feel more involved and excited about the trip. Often, this meant they started speeding. In other cases, it meant they began daydreaming, thinking about things that interested them when the drive itself did not.

On top of that, those who reported they were bored were more likely to also feel like they were rushed or in a hurry. They wanted the drive to be over and would then speed in order to get to their destination. Drivers who felt engaged by driving and enjoyed the act itself may not have felt this same urgency to get where they were going.

Researchers also noted that these drivers would not shy away from "accident-prone behaviors." This could include things like turning on music, talking on the phone or texting, though the report did not specify what they were.

Car accidents happen for many reasons, in many different ways. Even simple things like boredom can cause the risks to soar. If you're involved in an accident with a bored, distracted driver, you need to know what rights you may have to compensation.

Source: Time, "Bored Drivers Most Likely to Have Accidents," Alice Park, accessed March 14, 2017

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