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Who was at fault for your electrocution injuries?

If you experienced electrocution because of an energized power line, you are lucky to be alive; many people who suffer severe electrical injuries do not survive. However, the injuries you sustained might change your life dramatically. The accident may prevent you from returning to work, so your only job now is to concentrate on your recovery.

Meanwhile, who is actually responsible for the accident that left you with debilitating medical issues? An experienced personal injury attorney will work diligently on your behalf to determine who is liable for the injuries you suffered and seek the compensation you deserve.

Causes of electrocution

Electrocution occurs when an electric current passes through the body, resulting in electric shock. Common hazards include faulty electrical outlets, old wiring, water as a conductor of electricity and contact with live power lines. Many people have jobs that bring them near or in contract with high-voltage wires: utility workers, tree trimmers and sign workers are but a few.

Types of injuries

Severe burns are a common example of electrical injuries, but victims also suffer damage to internal organs; breathing, hearing and vision issues; seizures; heart problems; and brain damage. These problems are often permanent, and the costs for therapy and other types of medical care are significant.

Liability exists on many fronts

In the type of work you do, you are aware of the dangers of working around overhead power lines, and you have always followed the safety rules. However, the owner of those lines has certain obligations. For example, a utility provider must ensure that the lines are de-energized before any repair work proceeds, that they are properly attached to poles and that any downed power lines are immediately secured. Contractors also have a responsibility to protect workers in any area where electrical hazards exist. When you engage the services of a personal injury attorney, you can rely on an advocate who will identify and pursue those who are responsible for your injuries and seek the appropriate damages on your behalf.






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