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Why don't people trust self-driving cars?

In the United States, studies have shown that the vast majority of people do not want self-driving cars because they don't don't trust them. In one study, roughly 74 percent of the people responded this way. Why is there this distrust in a country that usually embraces technology?

One reason is that people don't think the cars are safe. After all, when your computer crashes, you just reach down and reboot. If a computer-controlled car crashes, your very life could be at stake. A full 68 percent of those asked said that if the technology was shown to be trustworthy and safe, they may change their minds.

Another reason may be branding. Tech companies are often the ones pushing for these new cars. The majority of Americans -- 54 percent -- claimed they'd be more likely to use autonomous vehicles that were manufactured by trusted, known brands.

Which brands would they trust? They seem to trust traditional car companies more than tech companies, with 47 percent opting for "normal" car companies. A mere 20 percent said that they trusted tech companies.

That is a bit of an interesting viewpoint, considering how many recalls traditional manufacturers have and how they have in some cases actually covered up dangerous defects. Those issues seem not to have swayed consumers, though it's worth noting that the reports do not mention which specific brands they would trust most.

Self-driving technology continues to develop, whether everyone is on board or not. It's important to keep an eye on this technology, especially when considering potential accidents, liability laws and your rights.

Source: The Drive, "Majority of Americans Don't Trust Self-Driving Cars, Study Says," Aaron Brown, accessed May 11, 2017

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