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Factors that lead to school bus driver fatigue

Bus driver fatigue can be incredibly dangerous. Tired drivers make mistakes, have slower reaction times and even fall asleep behind the wheel. Not only is this dangerous for students on the bus, but all other drivers on the road are also potentially in harm's way.

Driver fatigue is sometimes hard to avoid, though, because there are so many factors that play into it. It's about more than just how many hours of sleep a driver chose to get the night before.

For example, many drivers have two jobs in order to make ends meet. That means they're up early, driving kids to school, then they go work all day while the kids are in class. They show back up at the end of the day to drive them home, and those drivers may already be exhausted.

School bus drivers are also often used to bring sports teams to games, meets and tournaments. Since they often don't even leave until school is out, drivers who also brought children to school in the morning may be up for too many hours in a row.

Even drivers who don't have a second job could be in trouble, since the hours they spend awake may not change. Unless they nap in the middle of the day, between trips, they could still be very tired as that day wears on.

The last thing parents want to think about is how school bus drivers could nod off with their children on the bus, but this is a risk that kids face. When those kids are hurt, or when the accident injures people in other vehicles, it's important for people to know if they have a legal right to compensation.

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