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Johnson & Johnson loses major product liability suit

As consumers in the United States, we need to feel safe with the products we buy in the marketplace and use regularly. Without some confidence in the safety of our products, everyone faces unnecessary risks.

One of the most common causes of serious product liability injuries is major product manufacturers failing to warn consumers of the risks involved with using their products. The biggest reason for this failure involves branding and image management. No company wants to say to the world “our products could harm or kill you.” But what recourse do people have when popular products cause serious injuries or death?

A Recent Case of Failure to Warn

Bloomberg reports a series of cases against Johnson & Johnson, many of which were filed in Missouri.

Johnson & Johnson is the product most well-known for its baby powder products. Accord to Allen Smith, attorney for one of the plaintiffs, “What is the corporate image of Johnson & Johnson? It’s a mother and baby.”

In order to protect that image – an image of safety and comfort – Johnson & Johnson failed to warn its buyers of the link between talc (a key ingredient in baby powder and other Johnson & Johnson products) and ovarian cancer, according to the plaintiffs’ claims.

Protect Yourself from Dangerous Products

If these allegations are proven true, the scariest thing is that Johnson & Johnson is a company that has always portrayed an image of safety, while selling products that are nothing short of deadly.

For the everyday consumer, there is almost no way to totally avoid dangerous products of this kind. The best thing you can do is stay educated and learn everything you can about the products you and family are using.

If disaster strikes – if you or someone you love is harmed by a dangerous product – make sure you work with an exceptional legal team. Dangerous product cases can be very serious and complex. Since there is so much at stake, you have to be confident that your attorney has the experience and knowledge needed to win.

Do not be afraid of major corporations and their teams of trained lawyers. With the right legal counsel, you can protect your right to obtain the compensation you need and deserve.

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