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How can motorcyclists help prevent personal injuries

The Missouri Department of Transportation has compiled data on the number of motorcyclists killed each year. Between 2013 and 2015, 251 motorcyclists were involved in fatal accidents on the road, and many others suffered injuries. 

Being safe on the road is everyone's responsibility. People driving automobiles need to be vigilant of motorcyclists, but there are also actions that bike riders can take. It is much better to avoid any kind of injury than deal with the aftermath. 

Wear a helmet

A shocking number of motorcycle accident fatalities occur every year all over the country as a result of a bike rider not wearing a helmet. It is a crucial safety device that can be a lifesaver in the event of a collision. In fact, Missouri has strict laws stating that anyone on a motorcycle needs to wear a helmet. Therefore, it is the law. 

Wear the right clothing

Motorcyclists going out at night need to be as visible as possible. While the bike will have a headlight, it is paramount to take extra measures to ensure cars can see the bike. Since motorcycles are smaller than cars, they are more likely to get caught in a blind spot. 

Understand skill level

Motorcyclists, especially those who have just started riding, need to take things slow. Inexperienced riders should avoid unfamiliar roads, or troublesome conditions.  When in doubt, play things safe. 

Maintain the bike

Motorcycle maintenance is part of the joy for some. For others, it's nothing but a hassle. However you feel about it, your motorcycle requires regular maintenance. If you can handle the maintenance yourself, make it a priority. If you use a shop, take it in before a minor problem grows into a dangerous one. Routine checkups help ensure everything is working as it should. 

Even with all these precautions, it is still possible for an accident to occur. The majority of collisions between cars and motorcycles are the result of negligence by the automobile driver. Control what you can control. If you suffer personal injuries while riding, seek legal help promptly.

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