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Why don't people like roundabouts?

Experts note that roundabouts reduce the chances of an accident when compared to four-way stops or traffic lights. There are simply fewer places where two cars can collide.

That said, many people don't like roundabouts. They find them confusing -- perhaps because they're far less common than other types of traffic control devices in the United States. This confusion can cause accidents.

One part of the problem, some experts note, is that people have to make the proper choice at a roundabout. Drivers have to actively watch traffic, determining when to yield and when to drive.

At a light, there are far fewer choices. The light tells drivers what decisions to make so that they don't have to think about it. This can increase risks in some ways. If you simply drive when the light turns green, without checking both ways, you may never see the red light runner who hits you -- but it makes people feel safe.

It is also worth nothing that human error always factors heavily into car accidents. Since roundabouts put the decision-making back on the driver, this opens up the door for serious mistakes and judgment errors. This is especially a problem when drivers aren't familiar with roundabouts and struggle to make the right decisions quickly, while in traffic.

Of course, no matter what type of traffic controls are in place, driver error can always cause accidents. If you've been hit by another driver for any reason, you need to know your legal rights. These could include the right to seek financial compensation for your medical bills.

Source: Jalopnik, "Five Reasons American Drivers Will Never Love Roundabouts," Wes Siler, accessed July 21, 2017

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