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Trucker charged with drugged driving after striking, killing 2

Two motorists were killed during the early morning of Thursday, July 27, after a 65-year-old trucker crashed into their vehicles in a tragic three-car accident. The truck driver was taken into custody soon thereafter by state police on suspicion of having been driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs at the time.

When to sue an auto manufacturer for a car accident

Car accidents are still shockingly prevalent in the state of Missouri. According to data from the Missouri Department of Transportation, 283 injuries took place as a result of vehicular collisions in Kansas City in 2015. You hope you never end up being part of those statistics, but anything can happen.

Recognizing the symptoms of mesothelioma

If you experienced asbestos exposure, you might worry about developing mesothelioma. It can be confusing because other conditions can present similar symptoms. Mesothelioma symptoms can also take years to develop. Because of these reasons, many people mistake mesothelioma for other diseases or dismiss it outright.

What serious injuries am I at risk for if I slip and fall?

You may find it hard to believe that slip-and-fall accidents in Missouri can cause catastrophic injuries. On television, actors make slips and falls look comical. In real life, slip-and-fall accidents send many people to hospitals for medical treatment. They can also cause catastrophic injuries that dramatically alter the quality of one’s life. 

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