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What serious injuries am I at risk for if I slip and fall?

You may find it hard to believe that slip-and-fall accidents in Missouri can cause catastrophic injuries. On television, actors make slips and falls look comical. In real life, slip-and-fall accidents send many people to hospitals for medical treatment. They can also cause catastrophic injuries that dramatically alter the quality of one’s life. 

Here is a brief overview of some severe injuries that can occur in slip-and-fall accidents. 

Brain injuries 

Slip-and-fall accidents can cause victims to hit their heads or for items to fall on top of them. Blows to the head can cause concussions, memory loss, brain bleeding and other problems that disrupt the victim’s cognitive and physical functions. The effects of mild brain injuries are often short term. However, severe brain trauma from a slip-and-fall accident can result in lifelong impairment, suffering and premature death. 

Fractured and shattered bones 

Falling from different levels and heights can lead to bone fractures and shatters. Victims who end up with fractured bones often need numerous operations and long recoveries before they can regain the use of their limbs and the affected areas. They may even require therapy. Some people who shatter and fracture bones in slip-and-fall accidents may not regain the full use and mobility of their bodies. Seniors who fall are more likely to shatter their bones and die from their accidents because of their age, declining health and other factors. 

Spinal cord injuries 

Due to the twisting and jerking motion of their bodies during fall accidents, some victims end up with mild to severe spinal cord damage. This type of injury can also happen from the impact of the fall. Spinal cord injuries are very complex and difficult to treat. Many victims who damage their spinal cords in fall accidents often require expensive medical care for the rest of their lives. 

There are many factors that contribute to slip-and-fall injuries. You can reduce your chances of severe injury by being mindful of the floor surfaces you walk on, but if it does happen, property owners are legally responsible for incidents that occur on their premises.

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