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Dealing with motorcycle defects: what you need to know

As a motorcycle rider, you know that defective parts are common and can cause an accident. What can you do to protect yourself against this? And if an accident does occur, what legal claims can you bring to get compensation for injuries caused by defects or faulty service?

Traumatic brain injury: understanding the profundity of deficits

There is no cookie cutter brain injury. Just as the brain is almost infinitely complex, no two instances of traumatic brain injury are the same. These injuries nevertheless are lumped together in the catch-all phrase traumatic brain injury, resulting from a violent blow to the head that causes long-term damage to the connective tissue and the lobes of the brain.

Who will benefit most from self-driving cars? (A surprise answer.)

The fascination people have for the emerging technology of autonomous cars - cars that drive themselves - usually centers on the elimination of cars crashing into other cars.

How to prevent motorcycle crashes and injuries

A person riding a motorcycle is far more prone to death or injury during a traffic accident than someone driving an automobile. A driver or passenger in a car is protected by the bulk of the vehicle as well as by safety features such as the seat belt and the airbag. The motorcycle rider, on the other hand, has to rely on proper clothing, a well-designed helmet, eye protection and his or her skill. The motorcycle does, however, has a certain amount of agility and maneuverability that can be useful in avoiding a crash.

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