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Truck drivers need to avoid distracted driving

The busy roads of Kansas City, Missouri, have their fair share of traffic accidents. Those include truck accidents, which often happen because of distracted driving. For that reason, truck drivers should know some important information about distracted driving and the government's increasingly strong crackdown on it.

Investigation into fatal accident proceeds step by step

Throughout Kansas City, Missouri, business people, families and other travelers rush on the roads to get from where they are to where they want to be. Some take less care than they should to respect others on the roads, which makes truck accidents and car accidents common. Those accidents can result in loss of life, injuries, damage to vehicles and other property, and the need for those involved to pursue legal action with the help of their attorneys.

Trucker charged with drugged driving after striking, killing 2

Two motorists were killed during the early morning of Thursday, July 27, after a 65-year-old trucker crashed into their vehicles in a tragic three-car accident. The truck driver was taken into custody soon thereafter by state police on suspicion of having been driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs at the time.

3 reasons why truck drivers cause accidents

It's true that a lot of truck accidents are caused by other drivers, at least in part. They may tailgate trucks, cut them off, drive in the no zones, not give them space to turn, and make other mistakes. However, even though truck drivers are professionals who drive for a living, it's only fair to point out that they also cause some of these potentially deadly accidents. Below are three reasons that they may do so:

Things tow truck drivers found in the cabs of wrecked cars

    Thumbnail image for brake pedal3.JPG
  • One Holy Bible, New King James Version
  • A squashed McDonalds 12-ounce coffee cup
  • One CVS toothbrush, medium stiff
  • The sports section of the Sunday Star, opened to predictions of that night's Chiefs/Raiders game
  • A stick of Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation Blender
  • A 750 ml bottle of Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey, half-full
  • One 2015 Missouri DOR Handbook
  • #10 envelope containing registration and proof of insurance
  • School textbook, "Daily Phonics, Grades 4-6," Evan-Moor Educational Publishers
  • One dashboard doll, hula girl with ukulele

The message to you

We all live busy lives, and we are trying to do too many things while we drive. As the holiday season progresses, we urge you to focus on the road, and protect the ones you love.

Truckers face fines for texting behind the wheel

Texting while driving is a common form of distraction, something that lawmakers and police have been trying to put a stop to in many ways. When a driver isn't watching the road, he or she can quickly cause a deadly accident. This is bad enough with 3,000-pound passenger vehicles, but it's especially dangerous with semi trucks.

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