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Kansas City Auto Injury Lawyer

Kansas City Auto Injury Lawyer

Car accidents are an unfortunate life event, even when they are simple fender benders. Many car accident causes are distractions, such as using the smartphone while trying to speed or hard break on a fast lane. People are taking the risk of attending Zoom meetings on the road, all while forgetting conditions that increase risk driving results.

Choosing a car accident attorney

The right car accident attorney will make a massive difference in your case. Many lawyers have the skills and qualifications to handle a car accident. However, the attorney should have enough experience to work with various laws for the highest good of the client. We can take many different auto injury cases because of  knowledge of the following laws and rules:

  • Criminal law
  • Traffic law
  • Negligence
  • Insurance laws

What to expect from our auto injury services

Provide proof

You must know how to recover damages by proving the other motor vehicle's negligence. We must show negligence and how it pushed the extent of injuries to begin pursuing the fairest results. The proof will help achieve a sufficient claim so you can get proper coverage.

Process of pursuing coverage

Parties involved in the case should have a thorough discovery process. We ask witnesses and involved parties to submit the evidence during the deposition and interrogatory phase. The injury attorney establishes connections in the accidents to work through complicated laws for informed choices.

Case analysis

The initial consultation process captures an accurate picture of the car accident circumstances. The first step should be to explain out the facts of the case and use follow-up questions to solidify the claim. Some common problems include the following:

  • Did you interact with any insurance company involved in the case?
  • Did you speak to any first responders, friends, or family about the accident?
  • What is your current insurance package?
  • Do you have any contact information of witnesses on the site?

We need documents and accurate details to map out the accident scene. Therefore, it is best to attend the consultation with every piece of fact, such as emails, letters, audio records, car repair estimates, and medical bills.

What is unique about our Kansas City auto injury lawyer?


We are aware of many different situations affecting an auto accident case. You can trust our team to know how to pursue other court systems to establish a relevant case law for your particular situation.


Schmitt law firm owns many different resources, including a medical team, investigators, scene reconstruction experts, and subject matter experts. Expect the attorney to quickly pull together all necessary tools and information to put together a neat case quickly.


The car accident attorney handles more than one case at a time. Insurance firms will typically not wait months while prioritizing a sluggish issue. Expect us to move fast while providing the necessary motivation to ensure the process progresses naturally quickly.

We are proud to represent you with a complimentary consultation for informed choices. Call us at 816-400-1000 to examine your accident to determine the best way forward.


Kansas City Auto Injury Lawyer
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Kansas City Auto Injury Lawyer
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Kansas City Auto Injury Lawyer
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