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Motorcycle Accident Attorney Kansas City

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Kansas City

Ben Schmitt at Schmitt Law Firm is an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Kansas City with hundreds of positive reviews from previous clients. His impeccable track record, trial experience, and unsurpassable analytical and negotiation skills have helped victims record millions of dollars in compensation.

When to hire a motorcycle accident attorney?

You should hire one of the best Kansas City car accident lawyers if you suffer severe injuries because of another driver's negligence. Hiring an attorney may also be crucial if the insurance company denies paying you reasonable compensation.

How much will my motorcycle accident injury claim worth?

Meet with a Kansas City car accident law firm to help you calculate the exact value of your claim. Attorneys usually consider two aspects when assessing a claim's worth: liability and damages. Your case may not be worth much if you cannot prove the other driver's negligence. On the other hand, damages include medical expenses and other financial losses you incur because of the accident. As a rule of thumb, victims who suffer significant injuries recover higher compensations and vice versa.

How to calculate damages in motorcycle accident cases?

There are two types of damages in a motorcycle accident case: special damages and pain and suffering. Damages you can calculate in monetary terms are special damages, such as your past, present, and future lost earnings, medical bills, financial losses, etc. The compensation you receive for the mental distress and emotional agony falls under 'pain and suffering.' The judge and juries usually use their good sense and experience to determine the value of pain and suffering resulted from the accident.

How to do when the insurance company denies my claim?

If the insurance adjuster denies your claim, you can hire the services of one of the best Kansas City car accident law firms and have them guide you. They can present evidence supporting your claim and negotiate a reasonable settlement for your losses and injuries. If the negotiations are still unsuccessful, you can take your claim in court.

What if the other Missouri driver was uninsured?

If you experience an accident involving uninsured or underinsured motorists, you must report it to the Department of Insurance. You must also check with your insurance provider to determine whether they will cover damages. 

You can still hold uninsured motorists liable for their negligence by filing a personal injury lawsuit. If you receive a favorable verdict, the at-fault party will be subject to liens against their property and wage garnishment until you receive your full compensation.

How can a motorcycle accident attorney help me?

As a leading Kansas City, MO, car accident attorney, Ben Schmitt can help you understand your rights and negotiate with the insurance adjuster. Furthermore, our attorney can conduct accident investigations, interview witnesses, consult with experts to determine contributing factors to the accident, and calculate the worth of your claim. Hiring an attorney can help you receive the maximum compensation and recover the amount quickly.

Talk to Ben Schmitt at Schmitt Law Firm by reaching us at 816-400-1000. Discuss your civil litigation prospects with the leading motorcycle accident attorney in Kansas City. 

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Kansas City
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Motorcycle Accident Attorney Kansas City
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Motorcycle Accident Attorney Kansas City
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