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What to do if you're in an Uber accident

The busy roads of Kansas City, Missouri, are full of vehicles of all kinds. Some of those, naturally, are commercial vehicles. Correspondingly, there are a significant number of commercial vehicle accidents, including ones that involve drivers for services like Uber. That leaves many people wondering what their legal options are in those cases.

Be careful when hiring a charter bus company

There are a wide array of vehicles on Kansas City, Missouri, roads. Correspondingly, there are occasionally commercial vehicle accidents. Those accidents include charter buses, so anyone choosing to use a charter bus company for the transportation of their group should do so carefully.

Factors that lead to school bus driver fatigue

Bus driver fatigue can be incredibly dangerous. Tired drivers make mistakes, have slower reaction times and even fall asleep behind the wheel. Not only is this dangerous for students on the bus, but all other drivers on the road are also potentially in harm's way.

How long can a trucker legally drive?

If you've been in an accident with a commercial vehicle, like a semi truck, and you found out that the driver caused it by nodding off behind the wheel, you've probably found yourself wondering just how long that trucker was driving. Had he or she been on the road endlessly, trying to make deadlines, until it was just a matter of time before an accident happened?

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Attorney Ben Schmitt

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