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Are cell phones causing the rise in pedestrian accidents?

In 2016, the number of fatal pedestrian accidents is estimated at more than 6,000. That is the highest figure in more than 20 years, and is the largest year-over-year increase in at least 40 years. The sharp increase in collisions involving pedestrians is part of a larger trend. While recent years have been bad for deadly car accidents, pedestrian deaths are growing even faster. From 2010 to now, the pedestrian death rate has increased four times faster than the vehicle fatality rate.

Hurt while walking: Thousands injured in pedestrian accidents

Sometimes it is rather nice to get where you need to go by foot. Instead of starting up the car and driving to the destination, many enjoy walking as a way to get places, give the dog some exercise or even just to get outside and get some fresh air. For others, running is also a healthy, and enjoyable, pastime.

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