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Parents should not assume toys are safe

Toy manufacturers face enormous pressure to succeed this time of year. Having the top toy of the season can make or break an entire year. That pressure may contribute to situations where an unsafe toy is manufactured and sold before the danger it poses can really be understood. For those looking to buy gifts for a child this year, it is easy to assume that toy makers or federal regulators have taken the proper steps to ensure that the products on the shelves are safe. That assumption is, sadly, unsupported by the weight of history.

10 worst toys of 2016 announced

Since January of 2015 there have been at least 19 toy models involving 800,000 units recalled in the U.S. because of safety issues. Now recently announced its "10 Worst Toys of 2016." The list offers toys whose dangers range from suffocation to eye injury to strangulation.

Worried your medical device could get hacked? 3 tips to avoid injury.

It seems like something out of a science fiction movie - the main character in the midst of making a major decision clutches his chest and keels over. It appears he had a heart attack, but further examination reveals that the main character of this story had a medical device that was hacked by his arch nemeses. The arch nemeses gained access to the medical device and caused the heart attack, diabetic shock or other medical emergency.

Dangerous furniture a real risk to children

When thinking about a child's room, many will think of toys, games and general clutter. Wanting things to have a place, many parents also buy children's furniture, including dressers and bookshelves. What many do not realize, though, is that unsecured furniture poses a real risk to children.

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