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4 Things Parents Can Do About Defective Children’s Toys

On behalf of Schmitt Law Firm, LLC posted in blog on Friday, April 24, 2020.

You purchase toys to make your kids happy. As the holiday season starts, it is time for toy-buying mania. You might find yourself scouring the shelves and online shops for the best selections to bring smiles into your home. Unfortunately, some toys may be dangerous and cause injuries to your children. In fact, according to a Forbes article, toys cause children to go to the emergency room every three minutes. Do not assume every product available is safe.

The last thing you want as a parent is for playtime to turn into an emergency. But what can you do to keep your children safe from defective toys? Here is a guide for handling this tricky issue this and every other holiday season.

1. Do your research

Manufacturers and retailers may issue recalls for products deemed harmful. Search online for recent recalls of toys and make sure you do not buy them. Being an informed parent is the first line of defense.

2. Know that time on the shelf does not matter

You may assume a product is safe just because it has been available for a long time. After all, why would an unsafe product be sold for several years in a row? Sometimes, recalls take years to happen.

3. Report any injuries

If your kid gets hurt by a toy, you should report it. Even if you think the injury is minor, it is crucial for you to let manufacturers and retailers know about the potential risks associated with a product. By reporting injuries, you can help a product get recalled and avoid other children from getting hurt or killed.

4. File a product liability claim

Product liability laws exist to protect consumers like you. If your child becomes injured by a toy or another defective product, consider filing a claim with the help of an attorney to seek compensation.

It may be scary to think about toy injuries, but if you follow these tips, you have a better chance of keeping children safe.

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