Misdiagnosis And Your Next Steps

Doctors and other specialists do fail to conduct appropriate tests, order appropriate labs and read test results correctly. It is common for X-ray tests to be misread or misinterpreted. It is also common to receive a cancer misdiagnosis.

The misdiagnosis of a medical condition is always serious. Your doctor may attempt to downplay a wrong diagnosis, delayed diagnosis or a failure to diagnose your condition, but it is always serious.

The failure to diagnose cancer, a heart attack or meningitis in children can be life-threatening. A misdiagnosis of a broken bone or infection can cause the ailment to get much worse rapidly, causing much more serious injury that requires much greater expense and time to treat.

Proving Misdiagnosis And Securing The Maximum Compensation You Deserve

At Schmitt Law Firm, LLC, we serve people with medical malpractice claims throughout Missouri and Kansas. Our Kansas City-based lawyers know medical malpractice when they see it. With over 75 years of combined legal experience, our lawyers know that a successful medical malpractice claim requires independent investigation, collaboration with top medical experts and tenacity in negotiations and in court.

Lawyers who defend doctors and hospitals against medical malpractice cases are sophisticated and well-funded, and they get to work building a case against your claim before you even file it, in some cases.

You need a resourceful law firm that is dedicated to your best possible outcome and is proactive in all legal matters. You need attorneys who care about fighting for you and your family. We will aggressively pursue the compensation you deserve for past, present and future damages related to the misdiagnosis and resulting injuries.

Wrongful Death And Medical Malpractice

Death is the most common outcome in medical malpractice, and it often results from misdiagnosis. Our attorneys are experienced in helping families in wrongful death cases, and we don’t define success as anything less than the full and fair compensation you deserve to recover for the tragic loss of loved one because of physician’s misdiagnosis.

You Deserve Top Legal Representation. Your Case Won’t Succeed Without It.

Our law firm handles all of your upfront legal costs, and we only get paid if we secure a successful settlement or verdict in your case. Even if a medical provider or an insurance company offers a settlement to you upfront, it will not be enough to cover your full expenses and future costs associated with future surgeries, medical treatment, emotional stress, possible home modifications, disability benefits and more.

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