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We Will Hold the Responsible Company Accountable for Your Compensation

Product liability claims can result from a recalled product, or they can cause a product to be recalled. In other cases, a defective or dangerous product may not be associated with a recall. It is important to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney about your specific injuries and your claim

At Schmitt Law Firm, LLC, our Kansas City-based attorneys handle product liability cases in both Missouri and Kansas. Dangerous and defective product claims can be associated with a host of different product types, including:

  • Children’s toys
  • Cribs, strollers, and other baby products
  • Power tools and lawn mowers
  • Foods and baby formula
  • Industrial and construction equipment
  • Surgical and medical devices
  • Car, truck, and motorcycle parts

Attorney Ben Schmitt is an avid motorcyclist. Our law firm has handled numerous defective motorcycle part cases with success for our clients. Interestingly, we have never handled cases involving the same defective auto part or motorcycle part twice. There are several different parts of all motor vehicles that can fail and lead to serious crashes. On a motorcycle, even those parts that are designed to prevent the bike from weaving and wobbling can fail, which will almost certainly lead to a serious crash.

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Getting Your Maximum Recovery for Injuries and Losses

Your full and fair compensation in a dangerous or defective product claim will come straight from the negligent party or its insurance carrier. In either case, you need strong and committed product liability attorneys fighting for you. Manufacturers and other companies in the supply and distribution chain that may be held liable in your case will not go down without a fight.

We may be able to convince them to settle for the compensation you deserve, but those negotiations will require persistence, convincing evidence, and a strong will to go to trial if necessary.

Fortunately, in product liability cases, we are not required to demonstrate negligence or willful intent of harm by the liable party.

  • We will prove that the product failed naturally and that you were seriously injured as a result.
  • We will work with medical experts and life planning experts to establish the full and fair value of your past, present, and future losses and damages resulting from your injury.
  • We will protect your rights throughout the process and always work in your best interests.
  • We will be available to you whenever you need us.
  • We will guide you through the legal process and help you make informed decisions based on straightforward advice.

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Most injury victims settle for far less than they should or don’t even bother to file a product liability claim. At Schmitt Law Firm, LLC, we will help you maximize the value of your claim in your best interests.

Please call us at 816-400-1000 or email us to schedule a meeting with one of our lawyers. We handle all up-front legal costs in your case and only collect attorney’s fees if we achieve a positive result on your behalf.