How Do You Prove A Surgical Error Occurred?

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Operating room staff as well as surgeons have many opportunities to make surgical errors during all types of procedures. Even the smallest mistake or oversight can be devastating for the patient, leading to life-altering injuries and even death.

Surgeons and other hospital staff may tell you that a surgery is risky from the beginning and lead you to believe that you are signing your rights away by agreeing to the procedure. This is not true.

You should seek advice and a full understanding from a qualified medical malpractice attorney before giving in and accepting that nothing can be done. It is likely that you have legal options and that we can help you hold the surgeon and health care provider accountable for medical negligence.

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At Schmitt Law Firm, LLC, we are renowned for our trial successes in both Missouri and Kansas. We are also respected by peers and judges for our legal knowledge and client-centered approach to our practice. Our team is always available when you need us, and we walk you through the legal process hand-in-hand. At the same time, we will relieve you of legal burdens during the process. Your focus should be on healing while we investigate, negotiate and fight for your full and fair compensation resulting from a surgical error injury.

What Types Of Surgical Errors Can You Recover Compensation From?

Recovering monetary compensation for past, present and future damages and losses resulting from a surgical error depends on the depth of investigation, collaboration with the right medical experts, and the strength and creativity of your legal team.

We handle cases involving the following types of errors and more:

  • Perforating or puncturing internal organs or structures, such as your intestines, bladder, liver, kidneys, stomach or bowel
  • Causing nerve damage
  • Leaving sponges or other surgical implements in your body
  • Failing to stop internal bleeding or find an injury caused during the surgery before concluding your surgery
  • Negligence in administering anesthesia or dosage
  • Wrong site surgery

Many other different types of specific injuries and failed operations may result from different types of surgeries. It is important to get an experienced attorney involved right away if you suspect malpractice. Evidence must be preserved, and we should get to work just as quickly as the hospital’s legal defense team gets to work, which is immediately.

Don’t Be Intimidated By A Surgeon Or Hospital Staff — Get Justice And Full Recovery

Medical facilities know how to thwart medical malpractice claims. Some lawyers specialize in the defense of medical malpractice claims, and they are very good at it. You need a legal team on your side that is even better than these specialists.

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