Pedestrian Accidents Demand Sharp Legal Representation For Best Possible Recovery

The consequences of being hit by a car while walking or running can be catastrophic. Victims often require extensive rehabilitation and possibly surgery. You may have experienced brain trauma if you experienced any sort of blow to the head, and you may have other undiagnosed injuries if you haven’t yet sought medical attention.

At Schmitt Law Firm, LLC, our attorneys get results in pedestrian accident cases. We aggressively pursue the full damages you deserve for past, present and future costs and losses associated with your injuries. We have 75 years of combined legal experience and successful trial results to put to work for your case.

We hold negligent drivers accountable and help you get justice whether you were injured in a crosswalk, in the shoulder of a roadway, in a parking lot or virtually anywhere else. Please call us for a free consultation with an attorney at 816-400-1000.

Common Injuries In Pedestrian-Motor Vehicle Accidents

Considering the weight and size of cars, trucks and SUVs, people who walk to their destinations have little protection (beyond traffic laws) from drunk, distracted or otherwise negligent drivers. Our personal injury lawyers are dedicated to providing victims across the Kansas City area with exceptional legal guidance and support. We will give you the personal attention you deserve.

The types of injuries we often see in pedestrian accidents include:

  • Neck injuries
  • Head trauma
  • Injuries to the spine/spinal cord
  • Multiple broken bones and lacerations
  • Internal organ damage
  • Crushing injuries
  • Dismemberment or amputation injuries

Pedestrian injuries may include paralysis, coma or skull fractures, all of which will seriously alter one’s lifestyle and ability to earn a living, possibly resulting in wrongful death. It is critical that you retain the guidance and representation of a top personal injury lawyer before evidence is lost and the memories of witnesses become hazy.

Pedestrians do have rights in both Missouri and Kansas. Unfortunately, many motorists choose to ignore those rights, or simply fail to pay proper attention when distracted or after having too much to drink. Pedestrian-vehicle collisions often occur in crosswalks, the shoulders of a road and even sidewalks.

When Should You Consult A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Pedestrian-vehicle accidents are not always the fault of the motorist. Before you decide to file a lawsuit, you should speak with a lawyer who can help determine if the accident was totally the fault of the driver. If you ran or walked into traffic or failed to use a crosswalk, you may be partially responsible for the collision, which means your compensation may be less than if the collision was totally the motorist’s fault, but you may be entitled to compensation nonetheless.

The sooner you speak with one of our lawyers in Kansas City, the sooner we can help you determine fault, evaluate the full value of your case, collect valuable evidence and pursue the maximum compensation you deserve for past, present, and future losses and damages.

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Before you decide the responsible party and their insurance company will treat you fairly, keep in mind that insurance companies generally try to pay out as little as possible.

To secure the full compensation you are entitled to for medical costs, pain and suffering, and other expenses related to your injuries, it is important to have a capable and skilled Kansas City attorney who knows pedestrian accidents backward and forward on your side.

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