We Will Help You Recover From Catastrophic Injury

Severe injuries such as amputations, serious burns, brain trauma and spinal cord injuries are often referred to as catastrophic injuries. At Schmitt Law Firm, LLC, our Kansas City-based personal injury attorneys are dedicated to getting justice for catastrophic injury victims. Catastrophic injuries are extremely devastating to your life, often permanently disabling.

If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries from an accident caused by any type of negligence in Missouri or Kansas, you can count on our legal team to fight aggressively for the full damages you are entitled to.

A catastrophic injury can dramatically impact every aspect of your life, changing it forever. We urge you to speak with one of our Kansas City attorneys about catastrophic injury and your legal options.

We can help you maintain financial stability while your case is pending, and we will apply our over 75 years of combined trial experience to achieve your maximum compensation. Please call our firm today at 816-400-1000 to schedule a free consultation with our team.

Maximizing The Value Of Your Catastrophic Injury Claim Is Critical

Any injury can be serious, leaving the victim facing substantial medical costs, lost income due to the inability to work, and other damages and losses, including severe and chronic pain. Severe injuries such as brain trauma and spinal cord injuries are life-altering. You may never completely recover, and doing even minor daily tasks may seem impossible.

It is typical for someone who experiences a catastrophic injury to take far longer to recover. It is natural to feel overwhelmed considering the extent of the injuries you have suffered, the associated costs and how much your life has been impacted.

In some cases, victims may require psychological or physical therapy, a full-time nurse, home modifications or prosthetics. The costs related to a severe injury are often far greater than victims and their families realize initially.

To avoid potential financial disaster and get the money you need to meet all of the possible expenses, our firm will work to secure the compensation you deserve by working with the responsible party and their insurance company, or through litigation, after we have consulted with and gained expert witness testimony from medical experts and life planning experts.

Our Lawyers Will Fight For You And Secure Your Financial Recovery

We will independently investigate your accident and establish the full and fair value of your claim. Our team will negotiate with the responsible parties involved to ensure your best possible compensation, or we will file a personal injury lawsuit if it becomes necessary to litigate to collect all of the damages you deserve for medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering, and future wages or medical care.

Please call Schmitt Law Firm, LLC today at 816-400-1000 or email us for top legal guidance and support. We handle all upfront legal costs in your case and only collect attorney’s fees if we achieve a positive result on your behalf.